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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How to downgrade Flash?

Downgrade is possible via:

However, I strongly urge anyone NOT to do so unless you are very sure what you are doing and why you need to use a older version of Flash (prior to v10).

The reason? See this:

which doesn't really say much. The keyword however, is "Clickjacking".
Read more at:

Do note while this thread mention about Flash, Clickjacking basically works with everything from javascript to JAVA. While there is not much mention of whether Silverlight is affected, I believe, conceptially, possible.

Anyway, back to downgrading of Flash. Its a very big download because they had archive all possible version of that particular branch into the zip file which you can download at the first link. For example, Flash 9 is 139MB (as of now). 

Well, I am downgrading Flash (for a while at least) for a particular reason. That reason will be obvious in the next few posts in the future. 

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