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Friday, January 09, 2009

Standard Chartered Bank Fire Update

According to a reliable source. The fire is just a small fire in the carpark. Its very likely to be cause by cigarette... However, we should still be cautious as it can be sabotage (someone fired someone) or maybe some people just prefer to burn evidence in the carpark... Haha.

The lesson taken though was something else I heard... Some people on site are really worried about the servers, backup etc. Well nobody is worried if anyone is trapped inside actually. Thats life. One life is never worth too much in a bank.

However, that side, backup is critical in situation like this. If you backup to your thumb drive or external hard disk and its in the same building... Well that quite off the point then. That's exactly the thing that happened to some company which has backup in the other tower in the 9-11 incident.

Offsite backup is critical. No matter how slow or expensive it is. Its time like this that makes the value of offsite backup so important.

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