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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Epson TX100 is supported by Windows 7

I tried to install the driver and scanner module and failed. But when I turn on the printer, guess what, it just got installed by itself. Without using the driver I downloaded from Epson. The above screen shows it detect it as a generic Epson AIO printer, but all the printing and scanning functions works perfectly fine. It was even detected as TX100.


Anonymous said...

Are you a 32 bit or 64bit cause it does not work.

NemesisV said...

64 bits. I had left 32 bits long time ago.

Anonymous said...

are you using a laptop, or a desktop. It seems that for a desktop it is detected as a scanner only and for a laptop it is a Multi Function Printer with print capabilities.

NemesisV said...

New Windows 7 Drivers:

marki said...

Unable to install drivers, emailed epson and they keep taking me in circles

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