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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Disk Defragment Tool for Windows 7 beta

Windows 7 beta still comes with the default Disk Defragment tool, but I am sure many of us will agree that a decent 3rd party disk defrag tool will perform much much better. While I try to be neutral about this, I am sure many of us has budget and performance in mind when evaluating such product because its not a live and death product, but it certainly will make that difference when you needed the speed.

For what I gathered, unofficially, from Raxco, Perfectdisk 10 has support for Windows 7. I had tried to install Perfectdisk 2008, which refused because the install detection obviously does not support the detection of Windows 7 at the moment. I would not want to risk destroying my new build beta so soon, so I guess I can wait. Perfectdisk 10 should be release on 27 Jan 2009:

In my work, I have no choice because nobody will understand what disk defrag is nor the value in it. Therefore, I will have to stick with whatever free stuff I can get my hands on. Surprisely, I found one pretty good ones which claims that it can be compared to the commerical ones, except its for FREE. Introducing Smart Defrag, from the creator of Advance System Care, which has a FREE edition as well, for tweaking and repairing systems settings etc, It is very much like Tuneup Utilities. Unfortunately, Advance System Care does not support Windows 7, or even Windows 2003 for that matters. But luckily, Smart Defrag does. Grab it FREE at:

I had yet to hear anything from Diskeeper. Maybe I had just pissed them off because I had so much problem running their product on my Windows Home Server and naturally I reflect them badly in my previous post.

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