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Monday, January 05, 2009

Chu Chu, we miss you!

Its one whole year already. How times flies. Like I said, new year will never be the same again. Although I had plenty of time, I did not wrote much here. I tidied up Chu Chu's place on this anniversary on 4th Jan 2009. I starts to see some resemblances with Fion. Especially when Fion make her face very untidy with hair running around that day. They almost looked alike, other then the size itself. Chu Chu was much smaller though.

I know what is gone is gone. I choose this day to watch the movie "10 promises I made to my Dog" as a remembrance to Chu Chu. It was sad, but I know this means I still remember Chu Chu deeply inside. I will always remember those great time we had and how we played together. I will also treasure what I have now more.

Chu Chu, I really miss you.

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