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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Installing Ubuntu 9.04 on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1

The default installation hangs somewhere. This is similar to Fedora Core 10 that I describe before. The solution is somehow similar.

Boot Ubuntu 9.04 up. On the first screen, choose [English].
Then press [F4] and select [Safe Graphics].
Then press [F6], but do not select any option. Instead press [Escape] and it will allow you to change the command line. Remove the option "quiet splash --" and replace it with "vga=791 noreplace-paravirt" instead.
Press [Enter] to start the installation.

I will expect more issue with the grub menu and other options later on, but my VM is still installing as I type here, so I won't know at this point of time. I will update again on a later post if there is any other issues.

Update: Yes, as pointed out by a commenter below, it is also possible to access command line by pressing [Esc]. However, you had better somehow remember the whole command, because it is not echoed onto the screen.

Update: Also note that during the bootup, it will take a while at the message that said squashfs.... Do not panic. That is normal.

Update: Near the end of the installation, at about 97%, there is a long wait to remove software packages. This is normal.


Anonymous said...

There was an issue. Forgive me for not knowing exactly what I did. I hit escape during the boot sequence and then edited the kernal boot line and replace the text you referenced before with the other text you posted. I hope this helps if you are having problems.

Aybabtu (Linux Noob)

Mike said...

Ahh - so that was the trick!

Ok - mine is now starting up as well!

Did you find anymore tricks yet?


Anonymous said...

Wow, found what I was looking for right away. Apparently if I had gone looking yesterday I would have had no luck :)

Out of curiosity, how did you come upon the method you describe in this post?

NemesisV said...

This is the similar method to get Fedora Core 10 installed on virtual PC as well.

Aaron said...

Thanks for posting this. I was able to do the install, but now, after the reboot, it's stalling again.

Do we need to make the changes permanent? If so, what's the best way?


ETO said...

Thanks for the post, that does indeed the trick!

jemez said...

went through many of the screens, but then it just timed out on a blank screen for over an hour. Confirmed it was all entered correctly. Anyone else just time out?

NemesisV said...

It appears that the problem recoccurs after reboot. I had yet to confirm this because I shutdown my VM after installing cos I had to rush for a metting. I will confirm this again and post the required changes to grub if necessary.

Josh Rossenbach said...

it took me a while to figure out how to get the mouse scrolling working. i finally found what did the trick on a spanish website

1.- Open the terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal)

2.- Enter the commands:

sudo modprobe -r psmouse

sudo modprobe psmouse proto=imps
3.- Then enter:

cd /etc/modprobe.d/4.- Then edit the options file:

sudo gedit options5.- Type in the following:

options psmouse proto=imps6.- Save the file and reboot

see the original site here:

Anonymous said...

Could I just get the *.vmc and *.vhd files somewhere on the Internet?

I mean once the files are created, it would be much easier for new commers to try it out by simply downloading those files, instead of downloading, creating a ISO, creating a VPC with the right cofiguration, and instaling the whole thing with its tricks and configurations.

so where can I get the *.vmc and *.vhd files?

SIOK_Online said...

Well, Microsoft puts out VHD's of it's OS and Language Programs as images. I guess it'd be up to Ubunto to do the same.

How hard is it to make? Took two tries.

Remember to set to INSTALL, then change F6, and hit ENTER to proceed.

Not doing this RUNS off the ISO

David said...

I have the same problem as Aaron:

What is the best way to make the change "quiet splash --" into "vga=791 noreplace-paravirt" permanent. What do I have to change in GRUB???

Anisi said...

So what about Virtual Machine Additions for Ubuntu 9.04? Are the necessary files available somewhere? I just have found the files for Red Hat and SuSE on

Anonymous said...

As jemez problem mine is similar, went through every step:

Use the option of Other Operating System while creating the VPC, asigned 1536 RAM and 32Gb HDD. Captured the ISO downloaded from Ubuntu. Then:

1.- Select Install.
2.- F2 Select Language.
3.- F3 Select Keyboard Layout.
4.- F4 Select Safe Graphics Mode.
5.- F6 and ESC to change:
'quiet splash –' to:
'vga=791 noreplace-paravirt'
6.- Enter to Install

Everything runs ok, had to answer few questions, and use the Whole Disk at partition options.

It installed ok, and at the end asks me to reboot, once I click it, VPC reboots but never runs Ubuntu 9.04 again, stays in a blank screen forever.

Help please!

PS. It would have been much easier just to download the *.vmc and *.vhd files. This would get more people and novices to try out!

NemesisV said...

I see many of your had problem with the blank screen. On my other post, I posted my grub menu.lst, but I am not sure that is the problem.

Lets try this, press ALT-CTL-F1 at the blank screen. Do you get a shell prompt? Or if you can see the grub boot up, which appears briefly for a few second, try the single user boot instead.

Here, we try to see if grub was installed properly in the first place. If so, we try to tackle the XWindows issue.

I know its great to have the VHD image posted, but mine is already 4GB now and I am not even sure any image hosting will let me have it up for very long...

NemesisV said...

OK, one more thing here. For those of you who can see the grub boot, press up quickly and edit the boot line to remove the "quiet splash" away. That way, you will see the errors that lead to the black screen. Post that here, I see what I can do.

Cyrus said...

Many thanks for your post. You solved my problem installing Ubuntu. Just to mention if other people have a similar issue, when I tried to restart after the installation was over, I too received a black screen. I had to restart the VM and it then gave me the grub menu. I also had to edit the grub menu and add the 'vga=791 noreplace-paravirt' part, otherwise Ubuntu would crash during startup. The instructions to temporarily and permanently change the grub menu after the installation, can be found here:

One minor problem I still have is that even though my system has 2GB of RAM and I gave only 512MB to the VM, windows task manager shows 800MB of RAM free, but is using a page file of 1.5GB, which makes windows rather slow.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. After multiple attempts, this got the graphical installer to start. Its still in progress.

-- Richard.

NemesisV said...

Update : Alternatively, you may want to try 788 instead of 791 for the vga parameter. 791 brings you with 1024x768 resolution and 788 gives you 800x600. This is basically the VESA code.

NemesisV said...

Update : Tested and this applies for Virtual Server 2005 as well.

Trey said...

Linux newbie here, and I'm trying this out with Windows 7 virtual PC. This method works perfectly to get the installer up and running, and it installs fine. Without this fix it just reboots indefinitely.

Once installed however, the virtual PC reboots right after the Unbuntu loading bar reaches the very end...

NemesisV said...

Thats interesting. I had not tried the Virtual PC on Windows 7 yet. I wonder what is the difference.

Anonymous said...

Hi i've installed ubuntu 9.04 on my windows vista through virtual pc 2007 .....but there are 3 problems that i'm having.....
1. When i restart ubuntu each and everytime there's an error of boot i've to edit it each and every time to "vga=791 noreplace-paravirt". Is there any option to make this command as my default boot option coz i'm really tired of editing the boot command each and every time.....
2. The maximum screen resolution i get in my ubuntu is 800*600 . Since i'm having a 17" monitor is there a chance that i can get a 1024*768 resolution.....can i install my drivers cd i got with motherboard for xp/vista on ubuntu.....plz give me the full tutorial.....
3. I use internet on my pc by connecting it with my mobile through bluetooth.....can i do the same on my ubuntu ?.....i use IVT BLUESOLEIL on my vista but it doesn't get installed on ubuntu

NemesisV said...

1. Edit your grub menu.lst in /boot/grub/menu.lst

2. try vga=791. That gives you 1024x768.. or try higher vga=793 for 1028x1024

3. Bluetooth have to be supported natively. Bluesoleil doesn't even work in windows 7.. now you see how far that is away from working in ubuntu...

Anonymous said...

K .....i tried to edit grub/menu.lst.....but when i try to save it says u don't have permissions to do changes even though i'm logged in with the account and not as a it never gets saved......what to do now? 2ndly abt the screen resolution issue.....i tried vga=793 gave me modes of resolution.....i choosed 1024*768*16 with f as the mode but still i'm getting 800*600 resolution.....i even check display option. It shows only 3 resolutions from which one can me

NemesisV said...

You need to be root or have root privilege to write to menu.lst. Try to "sudo -s".

Its understandable that not all modes are supported. After all, VPC emulates a S3 video card. IF I come across a solution to run in 1024x768 I let you know.

Nathan O said...

I'm also having problems with ubuntu 9.04 running in a virtual PC on Windows 7 RC.

The installation goes OK, no need to do anythink to get that to work.

My problem is that the highest resolution available to me is 896x600. I would like to run at least 1024x768.

I have tried a couple of changes to the xorg.conf but doesn't change anything.

any help would be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I did everything said here but when I hit install or try Ubuntu I jut get a black screen.

What's happening?

Anonymous said...

yo man thanks im using a hacking cd and it always came up as vps error loading or something like that now its booting up normally
(i think) so ya thanks

Anonymous said...

I think the black screens people may be getting is ubuntu loading without the progress bar. I think this happens because you advise deleting "quiet splash". Leaving this gets rid of the hanging black screen and gives you the orange progress bar during loading

Anonymous said...

Also, using vga=791, I only get 800x600, and in System > Preferences > Display it's the highest option. This is kinda inconvenient as it's not nice to have virtual machine display a huge black border around the screen? Anyone have any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I gave up, would have been much easier for new users to get the *.vmc and *.vhd files via p2p or so!

Anonymous said...

I was trying this out, and the installation was going on without a hitch, I got to the progress bars and it froze at 15%, I thought it was just taking awhile so I left it overnight. I didnt change. I tried it earlier, but It has a similar problem when it just freezes. Im giving it 1.5 gigs of ram to run on, any solutions?

NemesisV said...

Did you verify your MD5 sum of your image? It could be a defective cdimage.

Anonymous said...

How about this for an issue. I have Ubuntu 9.04 installed on Win 7 64 bit running in VPC. Everything installed without a hitch, however the frame rate and overall performance is incredibly slow (I'm guessing 10 fps tops). I haven't tried any of the GRUB editing because I thought that was only for installation issues. Help please.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,
I have been trying whole night to install Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope on Vitual PC 2007. It's my first time trying to install Ubuntu.

I have been running problems and can't insall Ubuntu.

At first couple of try: It went black screen after Squashfs...

Then I deleted created *.vhd and *.vmc and created with 512 mb ram and 30 gb hardisk. this time, installation went well upto keyboard installation, after that it stuck on "Startup Disk Partitioning point". only 50% progress bar shown and stuck there. As I left overnight to run but no success till morning.

Then again I tried to install, it went blank screen.

At the same time I got pop small window saying "Install or Update Virtual Machine Additions" what is it? Do I need to install VC additions for Ubuntu?

Your help would be greately appreciated.


NemesisV said...

The VPC Additions does not applies to linux. It only for Windows to enable file sharing. IF you enabled that, you may had unmounted your Ubuntu CD as a result

Before you try again, check the md5 of your Ubuntu. You want to ensure its a good image in the first place. Then, when makling the partition, try to allow it to do automatic. While VPC does not emulates SCSI, I notice Ubuntu has a lot of problem with SCSI controllers in general.

Anonymous said...

Thanks , This rocks! Im used to have Ubuntu w/o a virtual machine
but i switched and it runs just as good!

Dell OptiPlex GX280
Intel P4 3.0Ghz

:P Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this solution. I just downloaded Ubuntu for the first time and was wanting to try it on VPC.

Jasper said...

STILL no luck, installed fine with your command line edit at menu screen, but when i reboot i get the black screen. editing the kernel line doesn't work. tried deleting the quiet line inderneath 'inttrd', but nothing.

Jasper said...

oh! another site had the same instructions for overcoming the black screen hang, though they had it 'noreplace-paravirt vga=791' which ought not to make a difference, but worked for me! try it.

now to figure out how to open the terminal and make changes permanent, not to mention network settings...

thanks x

amc2005 said...

Awesome, I was looking for this. Thanks for the post. I'll keep coming back!

Anonymous said...

This was very useful. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I has having the blank screen problem after the install. I first tried editing the parameters in grub as "vga=791 noreplace-paravirt". I still had the issue. Then I changed it to be "vga=788 noreplace-paravirt". This time, it worked!

Miguel said...

Hey, thnx for all the info. But I, as a total noob, am not able to install Ubuntu 9.04 on virtual pc 2007.
After replace 'quiet splash --' with 'vga=791 noreplace-paravirt', I hit enter and nothing happens.

(Yes, it is on 'safe graphic mode')

Anyway, nothing happens and if I keep on hitting enter like an idiot, some popup comes up. The popup title is 'Boot loader' en it shows the message 'casper/vmlinuz'. What the hell is that about? Oo*
I hope someone could help me out here.. Thanks in advance.

Miguel said...

Hey thanks for all the info! But I, as a total ubuntu noob, am not able to get Ubuntu installed.
After the 'quiet splash' replacement nothing happens.

(yes is it on safe graphic mode)

Anyway, if i keep hitting enter I'm getting a popup with 'Boot loader' as title displaying the message; casper/vmlinuz. Could some tell waht that is/help me out?

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Hello NemesisV,

Thanks for your help, I have tried whatever you said about removin quite splash and adding'vga=791 noreplace-paravirt' ( for installing UBUNTU on Virtual PC)

Every thing runs very well even the installation gets completed very well but at the end it opens the command prompt again and giving me an option to type command after ubauntu@ubantu ~$....but it gets frogen overthere...

I am stuck at this point....don't know what to do...may be I am not following the right procedure...

Please help me to get out of this issue,


t said...

I've encountered a bit of a problem when using Ubuntu on Virtual PC.

I run Ubuntu off the .iso and start it up as a live cd, everything works smooth, installation pretty much the same. Now, when I try booting up Ubuntu through GRUB the boot sequence stalls at --[ end trace 4eea2a86a8e2da22 ]-- . Anyone know how to fix this please?

Anonymous said...

In ms vpc2007 sp1:

at the step to hit f4,
"Safe Graphics Mode" is NOT present to select.

StinkyPants said...

Hi All

I was a complete neb to this as well. I managed to get past the first stage and have Ubuntu installed, but I was getting stuck on the black screen issue.

I could get into the grub but being a newb (and an idiot) I was editing the wrong part. It's the line that starts with Kernel you want to edit, not the last line that says 'quiet'.

Anyway this page deals specifically with how to resolve the black screen problem, and in an easy to follow way, how to make the change permanent!

Anonymous said...

Had no problems installing Ubuntu 9.04 (ISO) in Windows Virtual PC under Win7 x64.

Pardon my ignorance but this OS is new to me. Is it possible to get any form of integration with parent OS (access to clipboard, partitions etc)?

Virtual PC integration install loads the ISO on boot but Ubuntu can't run it.

Richard Wood said...

No problems installing in WVPC running on Win7 x64. Just a couple of noob questions though:

Can I increase display resolution above max default 800 x 600?

Can I use any form of basic integration with parent OS (access partitions, clipboard etc.)?

Managed to get to grips with editing boot/grub & added vga=791 but no change after boot.

NemesisV said...

The OS integration does not work with non-windows OS.

For the resolution, I think there is mix results. Basically the emulated TrioS3 card has limitation...

For those bootup issue, try to modify the Grub boot loader... I had also heard that using LILO works too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this information was very helpfull

Have a nice day

yuliban said...


Well i've installed ubunto over my VM but when i can see the "desk" i can move the mouse but when i select some option in the "desk" i don't get anythig... and plus if i restart the VM it seems like if i did'nt install anything and i have to install again ubuntu... any idea??

thanks so much

Anonymous said...

@t: for the "end trace" try this solution, it worked for me.

srivas said...

I got Ubuntu to work on Virtual PC in the end by changing some of the boot options...

Firstly put in the disk and what not, and let it load, Select english and all that, and then you get to the main menu for the boot up.

When highlighting "Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer" press F4 and select “Safe graphics mode“.

Then press F6.

Modify the following boot line:

“Boot Options seed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.gz quiet splash –”

Delete the part that says “quiet splash -” and replace it with “vga=791 noreplace-paravirt”

Then press return for it to boot with these options.

Then install as normal ...

Once its installed and you go to reset the virtual Pc, you may face the same problem again.

IF this does happen, just press escape when it tells you to, to enter the menu and then go to boot options.

Edit the boot option again, and just change
“quiet splash -”

This will then lead to it booting up, and a lot of code will come up, and a green Bar. It may seem like something has gone wrong, but just leave it, and you will be on the main start up screen after about 5 minutes.

Hope this helps

Cody said...

Hey, I installed Ubuntu 9.04 and the installation went ok, but when i rebooted it, it just goes to a long lists of of code, and the last line is "[ 2.6760051]---[ end trace 4eaa2a86a8e2da22 ]---" and it just stays there. I'm using virtual PC 2007 on vista and I installed it on an external hard drive if that means anything. I'm also new with ubuntu and really don't know a lot about it...any suggestions on what I need to do?

Cody said...

Hey, I installed Ubuntu 9.04 and the installation went ok, but when i rebooted it, it just goes to a long lists of of code, and the last line is "[ 2.6760051]---[ end trace 4eaa2a86a8e2da22 ]---" and it just stays there. I'm using virtual PC 2007 on vista and I installed it on an external hard drive if that means anything. I'm also new with ubuntu and really don't know a lot about it...any suggestions on what I need to do?

Anonymous said...

This worked fine for me. No problems I am running Vista SP2 with virtual pc 2007 6.0. Thanks for the help.

Anonymous said...

Good wrk, tanks!

GoldChip said...

Platform: Sony Vaio laptop
Host: Windows 7
Guest: Kubuntu 9.04

Installs fine, graphics restricted to 800x600 (due to lack of VPC Additions not being installed)

The guy who mentioned bluetooth - change the virtual network adaptor to NAT - doesn't matter what connection the machine physically has, it will get through.

My bigggest issue was no mouse, only a keyboard, maybe because I have a trackpad? Anyway, I used these instructions to cure: adding the i8042.noloop to boot option worked.

Next, VPC additions - using mouse and keyboard is torturously slow @ times. MS has "Virtual Machine Additions for Linux"

but only RPM packages. So I installed alien, converted to a DEB package, but it fails to install.
So, now I'm looking for a VPC additions DEB package

Anonymous said...

I tried to install ubuntu on Window XP Virtual Machine 2007 and it only goes as far as Language, After that NOTHING!
I have Windows with a passion. It is the most useless piece of software that exists. It's probably the only software that hangs longer than it works. Why can't these things be easy! Why can't you just put the software on and off it goes! Or is that just to simple for Windows!

wiki said...

Hi Guys!!! finding a solution for the low resolution i found this webpage


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thanks very much for this. Following your original post and some of the additional comments from yourself and others, I have now managed to install 9.04 in vpc and it boots up happily every time. Now I just need to fix a "manic" keyboard issue - it echoes multiple characters for every keypress. Thx again, Euan

Aman said...

Hey thanks a saved me the hassle of installing on a different drive...great work..keep it up...

Esteban said...


I have a problem. I could instal Ubuntu but when y restarted it, i don't know what I must do, because i have the same problem that in the instalation.

Where i must change the grabe?
What is the complete comand?

Anonymous said...

Hi all, i am simon, i have successfully installed ubuntu 9 on window 7 professional with build in windows virtual pc. When rebooting by using vga=788 noreplace-paravirt on grub, it can proceed until the login interface. However i cannot control the mouse and keyboard while entering the login interface, my laptop seems like freeze even press alt + tab, luckily ctrl + alt + del is working. So, does anyone experienced such problem?

NemesisV said...

What is the problem you encountered?

Esteban said...

Thanks NemesisiV for post this. I could instal Ubuntu in a Virtual Machine, but i can't conect to internet, i have a adsl conenction whit modem adapter. Someone can help me?

NemesisV said...

Setting up the internet connection requires you to:

1. Set up the connection first on the VMWare. Ensure that Connection is shared using NAT or direct to make life easy.

2. Set up Ubuntu to get the ip correctly. Use ifconfig to check if the IP are right. Dhclient may need to be run to obtain new IP if its not working.

Kenneth said...

Just wanted to say thanks! This helped me install 10.04 in Win 7 Virtual PC.

The only difference I found was that the step regarding "press [F4] and select [Safe Graphics]" is not needed (as there is no "Safe Graphics" option that I saw). The remainder of the instructions still apply.

Anonymous said...

For version 10.04, use hold down shift key if it won't boot after installing. This gives access to the boot menu and the vga=788 noreplace-paravirt can be added

Anonymous said...

I tried to install 10.04 on a virtual session in Windows7 Ultimate 64bit and had the same problem.

Pressing F6 and replacing "quiet splash" with "vga=791 noreplace=paravirt" worked and the system installed, however on restarting the virtual pc shut down.

I did as was suggested above and held down the shift key which brought up a boot menu and again edited replaced "quiet splash" with "vga=791 noreplace=paravirt" and the system loaded.

Next I opened a terminal window and entered sudo -s, I was prompted for my password and I entered it then entered the command "sudo nano /boot/grub/grub.cfg".

In the file move down to the line "### BEGIN /etc/grub.d/10_linux ###" and just below there is a line starting "linux /boot/...." at the end of this line replace "quiet splash" with "vga=791 noreplace=paravirt".

After saving the file and rebooting it worked!! :) Happy days.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!

Great post; corrected my issue immediately.

Thanks for posting!

Silver MLM said...

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Silver MLM said...

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excatholica said...

Years after and this is STILL relevant Thanks for the help guys

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