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Monday, April 20, 2009

Ebay Still Thinks Linux Are Works of Piracy

Well, just because you can download torrent for Linux such as Mandrake, Fedora and Ubuntu from sites like, it does not may these Linux needs to be works of piracy. For that matters, many things you can download from torrent sites are open source, freeware or public domain.

However, Ebay certain do not think so. Although after cutting and quoting GPL license and such, Ebay has reverted my account and standing, I believe they simply did nothing to their "robotic" engine which flag all Linux as Piracy. On top of that I still suffered more than 1 week of suspension which definitely equates to opportunity lost and a dent on my reputation.

I am not very thrilled to try and list another Linux for sale because of this. I had wrote to Ebay a few times and all I ever get back is cut and paste response with no regards to whatever I wrote in the question.

I guess I will just have to accept the fact. As far as Ebay is concern, all Linux are piracy and you will get severely punished for listing them.

1 comment:

none said...

wow... i cant believe eBay!
they are practically saying that Linux is not open source.

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