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Friday, April 24, 2009

Slayers Evolution R Ending - Spoilers

Slayers Evolution ended about 2 weeks ago with some loose ends still unsolved. Lina Inverse has her hair turned white, perhaps due to the over usage of Giga-Slay. Although the ending, they did show her hair back to orange. One of them must be a glitch. Pokoda lose his hair/hand but was seen sew back by the villager in the ending. The truth of the Red Wizard Reizon was revealed, but was revealed to be a anti-hero rather than a villian. And the reason why the series was named Slayers is finally revealed.

1. But what happened to Maria, the enchanted armor? Where did she return to?
2. What happened to Gaori's Sword of Light? (Maybe I forgotten this... Was this in the past series?)

Well, I do hope we see more of Slayers. This is one wonderful series.

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