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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

ATI Crossfire X Issue with Vista 64 bits 6GB RAM

I was very vert disappointed with ATI driver support. Although they only comes out once per month or less, their drivers are much more unstable as compared to Nvidia's which I think we have at least 1 or 2 per week. I wonder just how much differences are there in the 2 teams in terms of skills and number.

Anyway, I realized that even till today's Catalyst 9.4, the Radeon HD 4770 is not supported fully. For Windows 7, its a total no go, although there is article that mention that HD 4770 drivers will be build in in the final release:

I have RC release and it is not at all supported for now.

The biggest issue comes when people like me tries to be powermongy about the graphics card. The (in)famous CrossFire X(tm) configuration. As you can see from this review:

There is definitely a reason why I should go for a 2xHD4770 CrossFire X instead of the HD4890 or HD4870.

The big problem is that CrossFire X is not really supported well on Vista 64 or 6GB of RAM in any order or both, which I have. After staring for it and getting blue screens plus "incompatible display" error 43, I got pointed to a "special" driver by a friend from some hardware benchmark site. Thanks again, and I respect your request not to mentioned who and which site you are from.

In any case, there is a beta driver which works in the above configuration from here:

I hope this post helps any of your out there with Error 43 and CrossFire X issues.

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