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Friday, March 20, 2009

Pwn2Own hacker interview

Some background. In the CanSecWest conference a few days back, a hacker Charlie Miller managed to bring into the OS X within a few seconds with an exploit working on Safari. ZDNet run a short interview with him at :

The key points I wanted to post here is that he mentioned that Windows was much harder to bring, which I agree. However, that is true only in the case the software enforces the security measures. I probably have to agree on the point he said in Apple, you just do anything you want. Well, that is true as well. However, one point keep me in thoughts. That is NO MORE FREE BUG. Each bug found can be worth like USD$5000 or more, depending on the difficulty of the software. So I suppose I should not release my 0 day anymore since I will be like Santa Claus giving away $5k (or more) each time I do that. Haha, well it depends on how bad the bugs was and my level of good vs evil. In case of doubts, read my previous post on How Evil am I.

Enjoy reading the interview. And btw, IE8 went ahead with the official launch despite the 0 day bug present.

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