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Friday, March 06, 2009

Jeyo Mobile Extender and Windows 7 (Firewall)

Jeyo Mobile Extender allows you to sync and send SMS as if they are email using Outlook. In fact, its a good SMS backup tool as well for your PDA / Windows Mobile.

More info:

However, there seems to be a problem detecting the mobile device in Windows 7. I did some check and eventually found out that it was due to a firewall issue in Windows 7. So, this probably only affect people who are using Windows 7 default firewall. However, if you do encounter such an issue, you can try this out on your 3rd party firewall as well.

Taken from:

Add an Inbound Rule in Windows Firewall for outlook.exe, protocol TCP and port 9035.

Open Control Panel
Open Windows Firewall
Click Advanced Settings
Select Inbound Rules

From the Menu, select New Rule
Rule Type -> Custom
Program -> %Program Files% (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office 12\OUTLOOK.EXE (or wherever your Outlook.exe is)
Protocol and Ports -> Protocol type: TCP, Local Port -> Specific Port: 9035
Scope: Which remote IP address does this rule apply to? These IP address -> Predefined set of computers -> Local subnet
Action: Allow the connection
Profile: Uncheck Domain and Public
Name: Jeyo Mobile Extender


Anonymous said...

Thanks - you saved me hours of frustration!

Anonymous said...

Thanx dude ... thumbs up.

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