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Monday, March 02, 2009

A moment of Zen

I am not sure if you had ever encounter something like this...

It was a warm and windy afternoon. Well, it's windy because I am stuck somewhere in the forest nearby the sea water. I was so tired (from the waiting), that I simply lie down on the dirt track. Well, its at the point that you do not really care anymore because you are so tired.

Above me, I see some leaves, green and yellow. The sunlight shone through, and the breeze from the sea water makes the leaves dance in the wind. Its moment like this that does not come often. All around me I can heard the leaves hisses and some bugs humming... Its that type of lazy afternoon basically.

All a sudden, I felt this moment of, well, Zen maybe. I feel nothing matters. I forgets everything around me. It was as if I am now one with the heaven and earth. Inside, I feel tranquil and peace. It was like time just freezes.

But time did passes and all that I am sure I was not asleep or anything. Suddenly, I feel a groan from my stomach. :) Its lunch time. Well, I had to go and collect the food for the guys....

Its not that often you get to be with natural in this way. Without boundary or restriction. Just lying there and feel yourself submerged into natural itself. Well, try it someday and see if you can feel this wonderful moment of Zen...

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