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Monday, March 16, 2009

Lenovo Thinkpad Bluetooth with other devices

I was having a terribly hard time trying to send a file simply from my Omnia to my Thinkpad today. I deleted the pairing, repaired and did whatever it takes. It just doesn't work.

I had used ThinkAdvantage and apparently, there is no update to the bluetooth software at all. I checked the drivers. It say 2004. I wondered why.

After some checks, it turns out that the default Windows bluetooth drivers was used (2004 is when WinXP was released). So, I searched around online to try to grab hold of a copy of the driver. It turns out that this Broadcom bluetooth "Lenovo Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate" was the same as the Toshiba one. I concluded that from the installation program anyway. It looks exactly the same. But in any case, I found the site to check what is the latest version available form here:

And the driver I had gotten to install was the latest at at:

I hoped this information will be useful to people using the Thinkpad model of:
- ThinkPad R60(*1), R60e(*1), R61(*1), R61e(*1), R61i(*1)
- ThinkPad R400, R500
- ThinkPad SL300, SL400, SL500
- ThinkPad T60(*1), T60p(*1), T61(*1), T61p(*1)
- ThinkPad T400, T500
- ThinkPad W500, W700, W700ds
- ThinkPad X60(*1), X60s(*1), X60 Tablet(*1), X61(*1), X61s(*1), X61 Tablet(*1)
- ThinkPad X200, X200s, X200 Tablet, X300(*1), X301
- ThinkPad Z60m(*1), Z60t(*1)
- ThinkPad Z61e(*1), Z61m(*1), Z61p(*1), Z61t(*1)


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