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Monday, June 08, 2009

R4 for NDS using YSMenu Update June 2009

Its becoming inevitable. Many of the newer ROMs on the NDS using R4 (Not R4HD) is giving errors about not able to create save files and quitting. Trying to update it to version 1.18 does help for some, but not all. The solution is to use another firmware. The one I will talk about here is YSMenu.

Now, the trciky part about YSMenu is that the author does not allow premade firmware to be posted online. But I will show you that Maikel's Automater (R4YSAuto) will make it simple.
First you will have to download that from:

But you know my style. I always prefer to have everything done for you. So, don't worry about the download first. But for YSMenu, you have no choice. Since I cannot host it, you will have to download from:

Its in Japanese, but here is how to do it, use search. Find YSMenu. First link is the summary at the top, next link is the right one. you should be getting "".

Now, grab my prepacked R4YSauto here:

The main difference is that I had made the R4YSauto works with the latest YSMenu "" while the original requires you to rename it. Well, it will be the same if you use a newer one anyway. In addition, I had also included the latest usrcheat.dat as of 2 June 09.

Now, all you need to do it to unpack the R4YSauto to a directory. Then throw the "" into the same directory and run r4.bat. Answer the question accordingly, basically "R4" and "Firmware" are hte important choices. The rest can varies.
Then you will have you firmware. Unpack it into your MicroSD and its done.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. :) Now I can play Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest V, and Devil's Survivor.

sean mcadam said...

sorry i tried this and i acidently made it a normal nds file instead of firmware and the games still didn;t work so i deleted and tried again but now the program is saying please make sure there is enougth disk space and proram has acess to disk ut i haven;t changed anyting

NemesisV said...

Which program say it needs more disk space and permission? It does sound like a Windows message, ikf so, which directory are you running on?

c.damiani said...

I am having a problem. I followed the instructions and it comes back with an error stating it cannot find the file. I have the file in there and I have not extracted it.

Any ideas?

NemesisV said...

The problem with this method as of now is that the file depends on specific naming of hte zip file. You will have to use a text editor and locate the line and change them manually.

Anonymous said...

I cant download from Yasu homepage. Is that otherway i can obtain it. Thank you so much


Anonymous said...

I should point out that it's probably better to make it a .nds file, the only difference is you'll have to launch YSmenu like any other rom before launching whatever it is that you want to play.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I spent so much time cracking this stuff and was going nowhere! Your package works wonders!

Sirk said...

I have a question.. I already have YSMenu installed onto my R4. How do I simply update YSMenu's firmware now that it's actually installed? I ask, because I realize I haven't updated it for a long time and there has been updates since then. Can anybody help me out?

NemesisV said...

To update your firmware, simple downlaod the newer version of YSMenu, then edit hte r4.bat accodingly to the new filename and repeat the step above.

Anonymous said...

i cant open my r4.bat file

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