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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fedora 11 on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1

Again, its time to boot up Fedora 11 on the classic MS VPC...
If you remember, it totally crashed in Fedora 10 without some tweaking, and yes, as expected, it did so again in F11...

So, before we even talk about the installation, you will need to ensure you select the basic video option, then press [tab] and append "vga=0x32D noreplace-paravirt" to the back and press [enter]. This will allow you to boot up all the way into the installer.

Next, it will complain about disk is not initialize. Well, its because you had not formatted your HDD. thats perfectly normal. Just let Fedora do it.

For me, I needed the common applications and some development, so I selected both the "Office productivity" and " Software development" option during the installation.

Will update this, waiting for it to complete now...


DavidMack said...

just seems to work for me

i noticed that fedora seems a lot more sensitive to display properties

Anonymous said...

I tried this, and it seemed to be working fine until I get:
mount: /dev/loop2: can't read superblock
Bug in initramfs /init detected. Dropping to a shell. Good luck!

bash: no job control in this shell

any ideas?

jmdesp said...

Hi, did you try with fedora 12 ? This time it seems that none of the usual trick will make it boot. It stops very fast with an unrecoverable processor error.

It seems everyone's going with virtual box instead nowaways but since I saw vbox taking 30% of my CPU with no process running, I'd prefer to try vpc.

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