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Friday, June 12, 2009

Bye Bye Nero

I still remember it was a long long time ago when there so many CD Burning software out there. Nero was certainly not hte first. I believed I started off with a very small one which I believe was later acquired by Roxio and its it merged into what you have today in the Roxio family of products. I had also tried Sonic Foundary, which if I am not wrong, is now part of Sony. But my favorite was Nero.

I had been with Nero since the early days. I believe I saw it expanded into multiple products and of course got bloated with all the extras as well. The latest I was with is 9.4. However, I had to call it quits now. The basic reason is that it simple cannot install successfully onto my Vista x64 SP2.

The fault may lie in the installer, but however, it was combined into a single EXE making debugging difficult. Not only that, it is extremely hard to remove Nero from the computer cleanly. The is this Nero Cleaner software (by Ahead of course) here:

However, even this fails in my Vista. I spend almost 2 days trying to install, failed, remove, reinstall etc... In the end I simple ask myself. Do I really need Nero? In fact, I do not install ALL the components of Nero. I only mainly uses Recode (which was originally DVD Shrink, and you wonder why its illegal when its free and legal when its now Nero...) and Nero Burning ROM. The rest is simple bloatware for me.

So, after some thoughts, I decided its time to say goodbye to Nero. I no longer need it. Its not really that Vista came with a fantastic burning software, but I found CD Burner XP (Free!) :

This is actually what I needed to burn files, VCD etc. It even support Bluray.

Of course, I do not forget Recode. I had AnyDVD all the time, so it does not matters. But converting from DVD9 to DVD5 is cool and a good waste of CPU resources. So here we have DVDFab for that:

Its not all free, but if you wish to use the decryptor only, it is. Its still a good pay compare to Nero 9. Now I have to sell that off to some sucker... :)

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