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Monday, November 03, 2008

YSMenu Oct 2008

In case you are wondering what is this. We all know that R4 for NDS has stop developement for quite a while stuck at V1.18. Even the NDS code manager recently has been giving me problem updating the cheat list. There is a R4 SDHC and I am very sure just using the firmware is not going to make your R4 into a R4 SDHC. So, here is one of the shell I tried.

YSMenu is basically japanese and to make the firmware and files for the NDS requires a hell lot of steps. You can read all about it at :

but I had save you some time by prepaing it and patching it with the DSTT firmware from :

And to make it all right, I added the cheat list as of 28 Oct 2008. In addition, I even throw in the GBA/GBC Emulator into the package.

So, with all these works put in, tell me why you will not download this for a shot on your NDS R4?

Grab it at:
YSMenu Oct 2008

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Anonymous said...

thanks dude.

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