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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Microsoft to offer FREE Anti Malware in 2009 codename "Morro"

Read about it here:

In short. Onecare will be discontinued in June 2009 for sale at least. By then, I would expect that Morro will be available in Beta. So, if you did not pay for Onecare, you won't need to for Morro either.

I cannot say how good this may be because it is likely Microsoft will strip off the additional functions such as tuneup, photo sharing, backup etc. So, it may be a give and take thing.

The only advice I can give for those who are facing expiry of their subscription soon: Renew of switch to a new Anti Malware first. Morro will be a while. If your expiry is far, go on with it and wait. By Spring 2009, I will expect a beta of Morro to be available.

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