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Friday, June 12, 2009

Going Full Evil with Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Gaming Keyboard

I used to be on the good side with all the blue-ish hardware such as Reclusa and Habu. However, I changed to Sidewinder Mouse some time back. If you had forgotten, this is roughly how the Sidewinder Mouse looks like:

However, its imcomplete with the blue Reclusa keyboard. So therefore, the choice is clear, I got myself the Sidewinder X6:

The feel is very different from the Reclusa and the key positions are slightly different resulting in some retype and typo for now. I also notice that the Sidewinder does not have a USB hub (Reclusa's was 1.1 anyway) and the connector was not gold plated. Despite that, Sidewinder allow me to movethe side paf away and put it on the top of the table. I had yet to try out the macro and other functions. Maybe after a while, I will post again to give you a break down of how I feel about the Sidewinder X6.

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