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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Back from HITB 2006 Conference

Was a tiring and rush trip. Not to mentioned -$ for hotel, -$ for shopping in KL, -$ for no-apy leave and finally -$ for the conference. :P

BUT its well worth it. You know why? Cos I learned so much this time. And also lots of new faces and technology there. To mention some, got SCAPY (throw away netcat), IPv6 Hack from THC and others and other stuff.

This time round, we get to really hack something loh... Yes, I know... The bloody hotel internet charging system. Was a big mess I tell you. Well, in any case, since we are not basically bad guys, we still honestly pay for what we use. YES, with money, what do you mean with what?

Well, also get to see Anthony again, he is one of my favorite speakers. Others include Joanne who wrote the Vista Blue Pill (Well, finally I get to see her in personal, but anyway I was too shy to introduce myself :P) and a very interesting individual, Window. Yes thats her name. Ok, she was from Microsoft, but anyway she is the Chief Security Something-Or-Other (hei, thats the REAL designation ok?) of Mozilla now.

Coming to that we had decided to make some changes to our company front as well as some logistic things such as fancy email. Well, I actually would want to propose we have company designation like "The Tech Guy", "The Sales Guy" etc... It doesn't sound so stone. But this is Singapore... I am not sure how the locals takes that.

Well, I will post more on the conference later. Meantime, its rest and to disgest these stuffs.

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