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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Microsoft Windows RPC Vulnerability KB9358644 MS08-067 (CVE-2008-4250)

I seldom have to nag about a Windows Update. This one is an exception. The reason being that it affects a large amount of machine and many of which are still the popular choices around like Windows XP and 2003. The outbreak, if it happens, can easily match that of the Slammers or Code Red. This is the only reason why I STRONGLY urge everyone reading this to make sure this update is put in.

Another reaon is probably not a good news. The bad guys beats us to it again as usual. There had been signs of attacks based on this exploits in the past 2 weeks and in fact now, there are 2 known trojans (info collector so far) which made use of this exploit. This exploit is serious enough for Microsoft to issue a special bulletin in their security software which reminds the user to update their machines in order to avoid infection.

So, can you please do this upgrade if you have not on 24 Oct 2008. You can download the files directly or use the normal Windows update to get this patch.

For a more detail FAQ :

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