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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Norton 360 on Windows 7

In a previous post, I had discussed the options available for anti-something on Windows 7 and Norton 360 v3 is one of the choice. I had tried Kaspersky and AVG, which I do not want to talk too much about in this post. So, for the sake of being fair and independent, I decide to run Norton 360 on another instance of my Windows 7 beta.

Norton 360 v3 is a beta as well, but unfortunately for me, this IS really beta. Even the basic installation crashed on me a few times before I got it to even install.
Basically, this is what I got when I started the installation. Being very determine, I tried a few times and finally got it to install. But I encounted some errors along the way, such as this:
Well, at least I got it up, so I believed. After click on the Norton 360 icon, nothing happens. Even the Norton 360 widget hanged on me.

This, if you recall, was very similar to my Vista experience and immediate, fear enters my mind. In my vista experience, I could not remove Norton and ended up reformatting. I can only hope this time it doesn't come to that.

I launched the uninstall program and it kind of just disappeared for a few times, until I finally got it to work... Lucky for me, the uninstall actually works and after a reboot, my Windows 7 was still alive.

I had bad mouthed Symantec in many instances and this is some of the basis why I would do that. I do understand beta is after all BETA, but I suppose Symantec should at least test it before releasing it as a beta. At least, if not the function, test the installation!

Looks like I had to strike Norton 360 off the list of compatible antivirus for Windows 7.

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