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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why RAID 5 stops working in 2009...

Somewhere in July 2009, this was one hot topic that caught my eyes, but I did not care because WHS has a simply, cheaper and more advance way to manage drives then RAID. But it turns out that by mahtematics, ya Q.E.D so to speak, if a 2TB drive in a 12TB RAID 5 config goes KO. Then that will trigger a rebuild. And based on the 6 remaining SATA drives, the error rate is 100%. Therefore you cannot rebuild the RAID array. All 12TB gone. Thats the simple version...

I think the importance here is to stress that BACKUP and RAID are 2 different thing. You should not do without BACKUP, even if you have RAID, which in general is a good and sounding practice. What? Your company don't do that? Then you should quit before 2009 (or upgrading to a 12TB configuration) before shit is on your hand as per say. :)

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